The Moon and the Hummingbird

Director Luis Puente
in Latino - Hispanic
United States

Alex lives in a bunker surrounded by an uninhabitable world, but in order to reunite with Beto, the love of her life, she will have to come face to face with the dangers of the outside.


Director Amin Anari
in Drama
Iran, Islamic Republic of

A teenage girl wants to get a divorce and has gone to the Iranian Forensic Medicine Department to get a certificate to remove her husband's name from her birth certificate. There, her mother, a traditional woman, objects the presence of a number of interns to attend her daughter's virginity examination.

Standing Ovation

Director Chase Gutzmore
in Drama
United States

Charles Henderson has been cast as the lead in a play about slavery written and directed by acclaimed director Kurt Santiago.
Charles is talented and determined, but Kurt is willing to do whatever it takes to get the best performance out of his actors to ensure his reputation, even if that means sinking into the dark abyss of an actors mind to pull out the truest of emotions and pain required for this soulful character.

The Narrative

Director Dmitry Kazantsev
in Drama , Film Direction
United States

1970s era trophy wife has a hobby, she writes novels. The problem is - her fictional characters are real-life people. Once her husband learns about it, he directs her writing into profits. What would she do when she learns the truth?

Give Me a Name

Director Sheena Holliday
in Drama
United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, about ten years in the future. Jennifer, a senior intelligence officer, is briefing her deputy Kate about a new detainee who has been arrested for crimes against the state. But there is something different about this prisoner...

As Kate conducts a ruthless interrogation, Jennifer, faced with her sense of duty on one side and her conscience on the other, must make an impossible choice.

The Visit

Director Mattias Olsson
in Drama

A hapless man and a pretty woman face their insecurities during a movienight.


Director Pablo G. Herrero
in Animation

Hope disappeared by hiding in the same box where the great human evils were. This is the story of how a child (Love), an old man (Time) and one who balances life and death (Hades) try to recover Hope with the help of an unexpected visitor.

On / Off

Director Nicolas P. Villarreal
in Animation

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

Behind the glass

Director Pedro de la Llave
in Animation

Mario thinks he is in control. He thinks he knows what he is doing, and he looks down to the people on the other side of the glass, but what Mario doesn't know is that the glass itself is not on his side.

Shahiya Lahoriya

Director Muhammad Razi
in Documentary

Pehlwani is a form of wrestling from the Indian subcontinent. It was developed in the Mughal Empire with influences from Persian varzesh-e-bastani – a traditional system of athletics originally used to train warriors in Iran in the Middle ages.

The words pehlwani and kushti derive from the Persian terms pahlavani and kosht respectively. It is likely that the word derives from the Iranian word "Pehalavi" denoting to people of Iranian descent.

The story of “Shahiya Pahalwan” revolves around a pahalwan – Shah Din Butt – whose fate underwent many twists during the span of his rather unfortunate life which ended in an even unfortunate way – his murder.

3 Conversations in April

Director Susan Hamovitch
in Documentary
United States

When you’re trying to communicate with a loved one who doesn’t use words to communicate, who lives in a group home miles away, and who has been placed in isolation, diagnosed Covid positive, what do you say? What do you do? How do you feel? 3 Conversations in April is the filmmaker’s recordings of the first calls she’s ever made to her brother - an older man with autism - by phone. as she attempts to find ways to provide something familiar in her brother's upended life.

Meanwhile, the viewer will watch as darker themes emerge — the series of illogical and unfeeling policy decisions made by a system that governs the care of those with intellectual disabilities, the worried lives of the staff who work in the homes. Through a steady interspersing of titles and reenactments, the film gradually reveals some unsettling realities. There are perhaps multiple reasons why you’ll see the filmmaker quietly pacing in her own self-isolating space.

3Conversations is an experimental short documentary.

It's Me, Sarah

Director Fabiola Andrade
in First Time Direction

After suffering a scarring trauma that takes her memory away, a teenage girl must explore intense methods to reconnect with herself, go past her memory block, and gain her identity back.

The Mask

Director Saba Ghasemi
in Drama
Iran, Islamic Republic of

I don’t think that adults can see correctly behind their masks


Director Cas Taylor
in Mobil phone, Super Short
United States

When pushed to their limit, can they find a way back to themselves? Can they make an escape?

Could you?

Would you?

LGBTQ+ short thriller about trying to escape intimate partner violence and silent abuse featuring an indigenous genderqueer main character

The Return: A Covid-19 Story

Director Dmitry Kazantsev
in Drama , Film Direction
United States

A high school in Marin County, California prepares to return students to in-person learning despite the COVID pandemic. This mini-documentary details the preparation process and its challenges, and commemorates the dedication of Branson School's faculty and staff.

The Leaf Gurl: A Story of playing in nature, friendship and imagination

Directors Ellie, Rishav
in Animation
United States

'The Leaf Gurl' is a story of playing in nature, friendship and imagination. ‘The Leaf Gurl’ was conceived, written, and hand illustrated by Ellie, a six-year-old girl. Ellie is a student at the Carderock Springs Elementary School in Potomac, Maryland, USA. She loves playing with her friends, especially around trees, plants, and grapevines. She has fond memories of her Redbird friends at the Suburban Nursery School, which inspired the adventures in this story. She lives in the River Falls community in the suburbs of Washington DC. One of the things she wants to do when she grows up is to save the planet by planting more trees! Ellie is also a member of the Mensa Society.


Director Bianca Caniglia
in Fantasy - Horror
United States

A ritual for (cis)men, in which we perform a reincarnation, goddess invocation, sleep-paralysis nightmare in the realm of the Hungry Ghost. Bound by and to their Earthly desires, it is a very un-birthday, re-birthday party.

Nature Morte Pandemic Dance No. 3

Director Richard Daniels
in Mobil phone, Production Design
United States

Nature Morte. Life may have stilled. All is not calm.

Mi Impedimenta

Director Rick Cerda
in Mobil phone
United States

When Miguel’s wife begins to question his daily whereabouts and threatens Miguel’s peace, he must stand his ground no matter the weight placed on his shoulders.


Director Aquiles Cervantes
in Super Short

Jose a grown man, has continuos fights with himself over his eating disorder.

 Don’t Poke the Bear

Director Frederick H. Balian
in Commercial - PSA´s AD
United States

Smokey Bear; kind, wise... Ferocious?

Spec PSA created for The National Forest Service, National Association of Foresters and The National Parks Service.

Estonian Lullaby

Director Matvey Rezanov
in Music Video Clip
United States

A rare example of a music video made for a modern classical piece. This watercolor animation is made for Arvo Pärt's world premiere recording of "Estonian Lullaby for Violin and Piano". Arvo Pärt is one of the most celebrated and performed composers today. Multiple watercolors were painted and filmed to achieve the artistic look for this animation.

I think he Knew

Director Kyle Bahl
in Music Video Clip

"I am so proud and of this song written by Matt Gould & Griffin Matthews and video directed by Kyle Bahl. What is never lost on me is the fact that there is endless love between them. This isn't a coming out story. The boy always knew who he was; this is a coming THROUGH story. So, from my heart to yours, after the year we have all endured, let's remember that LOVE is LOVE!

This story and song is a true story of the love a father has for his son and the complicated journey it takes for families to deal with sexuality. It is sun and stars entertainer Robert Bannon (SNL, Rent) and is written by Griffin Matthews (Dear White People, The Flight Attendant) & Matt Gould (Witness Uganda, Lempicka)

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