AISFF 2021

AISFF satisfy your taste, by offering you 3 diverse programming blocks in the form of short films for a meeting of gazes - back and forth - the gaze of the filmmakers and the gaze of the public, which opens up a universe of stories, emotions, colors, cultures, reflections and perhaps more questions than answers. An encounter that breaks the limits of space, time and perspective through endless cinematographic possibilities. A total catharsis, enjoy it!

October 21-29 Online event, free. Three programming blocks, only three days per block to watch your favorite shorts, don't miss them!!
October 30, 2021 at 12:00 hrs., Stay with us in 60 minutes live streaming from our AWARDS EVENT from Chicago City!

Check out our programming blocks and leave us your comments on social networks and share your favorite shorts.

OCT 21-24-27
OCT 22-25-28
OCT 23-26-29

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